E36 subframe/trailing arm reinforcement plates


As with any car used for drifting or heavy motorsport use something has got to give eventually! And in the case of the E36 BMW the trailing arm mounts are normally the first thing to fail due to corrosion and one too many dirt drops or curb slaps. Closely followed by the captive nut and sheet metal surrounding the subframe mounts cracking and trying to twist themselves from your chassis.

The simple solution... There isn't one, the removal of the trailing arms and subframe can be a pretty daunting at the best of times and this is where we would recommend that you check out the rest of the associated parts and see what should be replaced or upgraded, as NOW is the time to make sure the rear of your E36 is as good as it can be.

These plates were drawn up by us when a customer wanted to give the rear of his car an overhaul and cut on our in house CNC plasma table. Once everything in the rear is removed, simply prepare the areas for welding and treat any rust accordingly, then weld the provided plates in and give them ample corrosion prevention to eliminate any future issues.

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