SR20DET R8 Coilpack loom


What with the sr20 coilpacks becoming harder to get hold of and prices on new oem items going through the roof its no wonder that people have experimented with alternative more reliable ways of igniting the fuel that makes you do a massive skid with your homies.

The R8 coilpack swap is becoming a popular choice for anyone wanting reliability on the road and on the track. These coils are made by spark plug guru's NGK and are so easy to get hold of here in the UK. A single coilpack costing as little as £25 both on the shelves and delivered to your door.

The VAG R8 coilpack also comes with an inbuilt ignition amplifier similar in design to the S15 sr20 coils, meaning that you no longer need the factory SR amplifier (normally found on the strut turret next to the turbo).

The factory amplifier is located in the hottest part of your engine bay (next to the turbo) unless it has been relocated and is also a troublesome devil when it comes to maintaining a strong spark in the cylinder.

We have swapped a fair few engines over to the R8 setup now and have seen better dyno figures as well as improved throttle response, engine crank time on startup and a better feel on the road.

This R8 coil harness is a simple plug and play loom using brand new connectors throughout, teflon braid, heat shrink and the toughest cloth loom tape.

The only thing that is left to complete the swap is the R8 coils themselves which we can supply genuine ngk parts for you (please select the option when adding to basket) and the deletion of the factory ignition amplifier. Any further information needed on this can be found on our youtube channel

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