THL Rokku Knuckles S13/S14/S15


- S14/ S15 (S13 with 5 stud swap)
- 50mm Drop
- 60mm Roll center correction
- Fast steering
- Direct and precise feel
- 70+ degrees of lock can be achieved (dependent on supporting mods)
- Zero ackerman
- Natural castor gain
- High grade steel spindles/ bosses
- Tig welded
- Powder coated
- Lifetime manufacturers warranty

For us drifting is just as much about looking a bad ass in front of your buddies as it is about having enough skill to not crash your pride and joy into the wall!

With our brand new s13/s14/s15 drift knuckles your can run your car as low as you dare and achieve massive steering angle!

These are a direct swap for your schassis, if you have an s13 you would need the s14/ s15 5 stud wheel bearings and balljoints for your lower control arms to be able to run our knuckles.

These knuckles have had countless hours of research and development to bring you best possible knuckle that we can. We have also spent a lot of time looking at steering knuckles from other manufacturers and feel we have bought all the best bits into one.

With water cut plate, high grade mild steel spindles/bosses, tig welded for maximum strength all carried out in house and tough powder coated finish we can guarantee a top quality product that we are proud of.

'We have run the full THL Rokku angle kit on the 180sx since June 2018 and have never experienced handling on an Schassis so good. Its direct, fast steering and super responsive to any input given. Even with the most aggressive entry on full lock the car gives the driver nothing but confidence, with no binding or over centering issues in sight!'
-Matt, THL Founder

The full Schassis THL Rokku angle kit consist's of the drop knuckles, LCA's and cross member for £1050 GBP shipped anywhere in the world!!!

This product is for race applications only and not intended for road use.


If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to call us on 07891640427 or send us an email

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