THL Rokku Front Crossmember S13/S14/S15/R32/R33/R34



- 25, 35 and 45mm relocated steering rack mounts
- Available for both SR and RB engine mount locations
- Stock position and 20mm raised LCA mounts
- Stock engine mount location (with elongated holes for ease of install)
- Billet aluminium steering rack mounts (hardware included)
- Tubular and plate construction
- Fully Tig welded
- Powder coated
- Lifetime manufacturers warranty

The age old debate of the Schassis steering rack going 'over center' when holding big steering angle is one that has always been at the front of our minds, with many a forum expert and Facebook keyboard warrior believing that relocating the rack 25mm further forward on the cross member eliminates the over centering issues that any Schassis gains when on the hunt for the all important steering angle.

Just like anyone else that owns a drift car we wanted more steering angle on the THL 180sx and after following the 'tried and tested' methods of so many we opted for the 25mm extended S14 LCA's and the Driftworks Geomaster 2 drop knuckle. This is where the over centering issue reared its ugly head which at the time the apparent fix was to relocate the steering rack mounts 25mm further forward.
After reinstalling the cross member and having the front of the car realigned is was obvious that with the desired amount of caster we wanted to run, that the steering was STILL binding up on full lock, although an improvement it was not the cure we were hoping for.

We decided that the only way forward was to design and build a completely custom piece that would allow 70 degrees of steering angle without any over centering issues.
After taking measurements of all the factory components and sketching some ideas out with CAD it was apparent that the 25mm relocation was never going to be enough.
We have found that around 35mm further forward is adequate for a car with ample steering angle and a road/track alignment.
With our 180sx we wanted to be sure that we could run no lock stops and gain as much angle as the car would give without over centering, which is where we landed at 45mm, any further forward than this is pretty much impossible.

The next job was removing play in the steering and gaining as much feel as was possible, so solid mounting the rack was the best way forward. We have used billet aluminium mounts which completely eliminate side/side and up/down play meaning every steering input you give is as precise and responsive as it can be.

Finally for the select few (like us) who like to run there drift cars impractically low we added a second LCA mounting location which is 20mm higher than factory, this is for that little bit extra in getting your car set up and driving to the best of its potential.

'We have run the full THL Rokku angle kit on the 180sx since June 2018 and have never experienced handling on an Schassis so good. Its direct, fast steering and super responsive to any input given. Even with the most aggressive entry on full lock the car gives the driver nothing but confidence, with no binding or over centering issues in sight!'
-Matt, THL Founder

The full Schassis THL Rokku angle kit consist's of the drop knuckles, LCA's and cross member for £1050 GBP shipped anywhere in the world!!!

This product is for race applications only and not intended for road use.


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