THLock Extended LCA's S13/S14/S15


Here at Team Hangin Loose we offer an easy and cheap way of gaining track width and creating more room for that all important angle!

The service that we offer requires the buyer to send us their factory lower control arms to be modified and then returned.

We first remove the ball joints and bushings before sand blasting the surfaces to ensure 100% clean and contaminant free, the arm is then marked out, cut and prepped ready to receive the additional material needed to make them 25mm longer. Then the area for the notch is given the same treatment. Once the arm has been extended and notched we then add 2.5mm steel plate to the underside of the lca to brace it, this is a water cut piece to our own design, we also add a lock stop to the top side of the arm which is central to the notch, this allows you to fine tune the amount of lock your car receives. Once fully welded they head off to our local powder coaters for the all important white finish. We then add the hardware for the lock stops and ship them back to you ready for installation of new bushes and ball joints before being fitted back on the car.

Please allow 10 days from when we receive your parts to carry out the work, have them powder coated and get them returned back to you.

If you wish to have your lca's extended more than 25mm then please contact us before ordering.

Return shipping is included

- Extended 25mm
- Notched for tie rod clearance
- Lock stop added for tunability
- Braced for strength
- Tig welded
- Powder coated in white
- Removal of old ball joints and bushes

If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to call us on 07891640427 or send us an email

Thanks for looking